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Episode 104: The House Reclamation Project: Real Love
March 14, 2015 06:00 AM PDT
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1. Lay it down - Harrison Crump
2. Finally (Baby Be Mine) - Terrence Parker
3. Real House (Soulful Mix) - Simon Faz
4. What is Real (Louie Vega Dub) - Thor, Scotty P.
5. Hiding In Your Love (TP’s Deep Dancing Dub Mix) - Terrence Parker
6. You B Good Now EP (Kirby Remix) - The Messenger
7. GOD HE Is - Terrence Parker
8. Drive Me Crazy (DJ Spen & Irvin Madden Phuture Of Da Phunk Vocal) _ Tracy Hamlin
9. Hard To Get (Richard Earshaw Remix) - D-Reflection, Irma Van Pamelen

Episode103:The House Reclamation Project: Wonderland
March 07, 2015 06:00 AM PST
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1. One More Dream Comes True (Twisted Mind Remix) - Darick Gyorgy, Lalis
2. In The Wake Of Soul (Panorama Mix) - DGN
3. Spirit of House (Spoken Apella) - Bongoloverz feat. An-Tonic
4. Wonderland (Stones Afro Rootz Mix) _ Stones & Bones, Diana Lynn
5. Loving You (Original Mix) - Theoretical Soul, Chantelle Rowe
6. Only We will Know- David Maslo, Che Cherry
7. Time (Mikey V Remix) - Zona
8. Conch (Groove Junkies Deep Sanctuary Rework) - Spiritchaser
9. Dirty Thing (Original Mix) -Dan Perry
10. Empericism (Mick Verma Remix) - Definition of Soul

Episode 103: The House Reclamation Project: House Nouveau
February 21, 2015 06:00 AM PST
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1. Another Day (Jayffe & Kalu BlacksFunkMental Remix) - VDX, PLP
2. How Love Goes (Mind Street Vocal Remix) - Zulu’s At Work, Wendy Jane Satchel
3. Move Sax Jazz (Original Mix) - Two Cuts
4. Just Can’t Give You Up (DJ Spen & Soulfudge Remix) - Diplomats Of Soul, Noel McKoy
5. The Otherr Side (The Messenger Attainment Mix) - D-Reflection, Sandy Spady
6. I Need You (Frisk & 5k0tt 2014 Mix) - Valentina Pocopio
7. Destiny (Dub) - Systemfunk, Aqeel
8. Survivor (Rhemi Remix) - SuSu Bobien, Andrew Hartley
9. Feel The Groove (Flapjackers Remix) - Sven Van Hees

Episode102:The House Reclamation Project: Revival
February 14, 2015 06:00 AM PST
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1. Rain-Atjazz Remix - Kerri Chandler
2. It’s Your World (Terry Hunter Club Mix) - Jennifer hudson, R. Kelly
3. Wonderful (Achicha Soul Mixes) Terry Hunter feat. Teresa Griffin
4. Nothing Left (Original Mix) - J. Lettow
5. Stranger (Damond Ramsey Remix) - DJ Spen
6. Trapped -Audiowhores
7. Outta Sight (Ralf GUM & raw Artistic Soul Remix) - DJ Christos, Monique Bingham
8. Rumour Has it (Quentin Harris Re-Production) -Adele
9. Crazy (Charles webster’s Crazier Remix) - Black Coffee, twine

Episode 102: The House Reclamation Project: The Spirit Of House
February 07, 2015 06:00 AM PST
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1. Give Me The Music (Original Mix) - Wrighty
2. Spirit of House (Spoken Apella) - Bongoloverz feat. An-Tonic
3. We Are The Party People (Spen, Thommy & Neal remix) - Baltimore Soul Tree, Sande’, DJ Oji
4. Makes Me Jump (Spen & Thommy Hyper Active Remix) - Klevakeys
5. My Nation (Original Mix) - Roy Davis Jr., Terry Dexter
6. Loving You (Lenny RX & Eric Kupper Remix) - Kenny Summit, Frankie Knuckles
7. Let’s Dance (Agev Munsen Remix) - Tom Flynn
8. Basement Stomp (Vocal Mix) - Dazzle drums, Rescue Poetix
9. Something About Da Muziq - David Harness
10. You Came Into My Life (Ralf Gum & Raw Artistic Soul Remix) - Elements Of Life, Anane

Episode 101: The House Reclamation Project: The Power of Music
January 31, 2015 06:00 AM PST
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1. Demons Tremble (Marlon D’s Tremble The Demons Mix) - Marlon D
2. Power of Music (Accapella) - Bongoloverz Presents An - Tonic
3. Like Rain (Numo Dan H3 Remix) - Fabio Tosti, K-Max, Francesca Maria
4. In Your Soul - The Checkup
5. Let Me See You (Clap Your Hands) - Michele Chiavarini
6. Power of The Drums (Ibitaly Deep Drums Mix) - Marlon D, Boddhi Satva
7. Good Ol Love (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) - Honeysweet
8. Deep in My Soul (Original Mix) - KPD
9. What is House? (KoT Anthem) (Accaapella) - David Penn & Rober Gaez
10. Love Don’t Take Over (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Director’s Cut) - MG Select, Cece Peniston
11. Grateful (Original Mix) - Wipe the Needle, CT Martin

Episode 100: The House Reclamation Project: Inception
January 24, 2015 06:00 AM PST
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1. Be Gone - Urban Sound Lab, Ursula Rucker
2. Temptation (Scott Diaz Faithful Dub) - Steven Stone, Nicole Mitchell
3. House Music After death (Zulu DeepSou Mix) - Zulumafia
4. Feel Alright - Tonbe
5. Something About You feat. Jennifer Wallace (Extended Vocal Mix) - Sean Mcabe, Jennifer Wallace
6. Eyes Fixed (Original Mix) - Zorz Post, Emme, Rescue Poetix
7. Oh Adam (Original Mix) - Tony Humphries
8. Philly Sensation (Original Mix) - Mick More, Andy Tee
9. Still Water (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Rocco, Khensy

Episode 99: House Calls: Love Feelings
November 09, 2014 06:16 AM PST
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Here’s hoping you feel these soulful grooves. Peace and Love

1. Acona (Original Mix) - Pierre Santino
2. Organic (Rightside Remix) - Spellband
3. One Heartbeat At A Time (Main Vocal Mix) - Soulfuledge, CandaceK
4. Got 2 Find (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Remix) - Groove Assassin
5. I’m Leaving You (DJ Vivona Remix) - Alex Ander
6. Ain’t Nobody Like You (Crossroads Soulful Mix) - Crossroads, Teisha Marie
7. I feel (Rhemi Remix) - Ann Nesby, DJ Spen
8. Healer (Wipe The Nedle Remix) - Circle Of Funk, Dawn Tallman
9. Love Feeling (feat. Zabbah) - DaKingMlisto

Episode 98: House Calls: Hit The Deep Button for Me
November 02, 2014 05:00 AM PST
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1. Changing Ways - Ugly Drums
2. Sorry You - UNER
3. Find Your Soul (Dario D’Attis Remix) - Qubiko, Fabio Ricciuti
4. Deep Button for Me (Original Mix) - Arkadiusz-s
5. Darling (Original Mix) - Pjune
6. Swear Down (Original Mix) - Deeptrak, Emma Black
7. Overtime - Red Rack’em
8. WMC 09 Sampler/Dj Roland Clark Acapellas (Connection) - DJ Roland Clark
9. R.L.H. (Shur-I-Kan Vocal) - Supernova, Ann Saunderson
10. New Day, New Light (Original Mix) - Lay-Far

Enjoy this deep groove and as always i wish you peace and love

Episode 97: House Calls: Deep Impact
October 05, 2014 06:52 PM PDT
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Deepness is:

- extending or situated relatively far down from a surface
- extending or situated relatively far inwards, backwards, or sideways
- relatively far from the pitch
- of a specified dimension downwards, inwards, or backwards
- coming from or penetrating to a great depth
- difficult to understand or penetrate; abstruse
- learned or intellectually demanding
- of great intensity; extreme
- absorbed or enveloped (by); engrossed or immersed (in)
- very cunning or crafty; devious
- mysterious or obscure
- (of a color) having an intense or dark hue
- low in pitch or tone
- any deep place on land or under water, esp. below 6000 meters (3000 fathoms)
- the area of the field relatively far from the pitch
- the most profound, intense, or central part
- a vast extent, as of space or time
- one of the intervals on a sounding lead, one fathom apart
- far on in time; late
- profoundly or intensely
- in reality, esp. as opposed to appearance

Join me in listening to tales from the deep. Peace and love!

1. Rootless Existence (Hot lips Inc. Original Mix) - Hot lips Inc.
2. A Little Too Much (Original Mix) - Kevin Yost
3. Keep On Running - Downtown Party Network
4. In Your Soul - The Checkup
5. Grace (Original Mix) - Cleavage, Lars Vegas
6. Our Story (pete’s Dub Mix) - Made By Pete, Penny F
7. Messing With My Soul (Original Mix) - Kevin Yost
8. This House (This is House-A-Pella) - John ‘Julius’ Knight & Roland Clark
9. What’s Your Name (Original Mix) - Spuma
10. Sink’Em Low (Feat. Bessie Jones)(Orignal) - Mximiljan

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